What We Do & Why We Do It

We bridge the gap between local artisans and global markets (e.g. you!) 

1. We connect with poor and disadvantaged communities who are skilled artisans but can’t sell beyond their front door or local market. By linking global crafts with compassionate and caring individuals like you, together we can create the opportunities that allow people to reach their potential and build healthy, stable communities. Right now, we partner with communities and non-profits in Thailand, Cambodia and Uganda, but we’re just getting started and the world’s the limit.

2. We channel our knowledge of style and trends into daring, sophisticated and sexy product design. When we mix traditional techniques with modern flavors, the result is a fun and adventurous look. 

3. We value you and your absolute right to be informed about your purchases and the impact your purchase makes on real people. So, we make it our mission to provide as much product transparency as possible. With every product comes the option to explore where it was made, by whom, and what community benefits it has.  Go deeper with our blog stories and videos about the producers and our behind the scenes escapades in our pursuit to bring you greatness.

Why we do it.

We believe that doing good is a simple concept.

When we choose to care equally for the quality of a product and the cause behind it, the result is a market that empowers and elevates. We believe that if we develop a deeper intimacy with our products, we can better integrate these artisans into the global market, increasing the standard of living for thousands of individuals and their communities and transforming the social and economic potential of present and future generations.

Simply put, when we find beautiful people who are making beautiful things, we want to help them by sharing their works with you.