Pa Daeng Village Women Weavers

The Pa Daeng Village Women's Weaving Group was founded by Machee Pranom, a Buddhist nun, and Hope Watcharaprecha, an inspired expat. They recognized that the low quality of life in their rural village in Phrao Thailand was a result of the extremely limited economic opportunities. In Machee Pranom's travels for her Buddhist mission, she was inspired to find a solution to this problem through the motto "honor the past, while building a better future."

She decided to develop a weaving group, as this rich traditional skill is rapidly disappearing as daughters leave home for the cities too young to have learned the art. With the help of a start-up fund given by the local government, the group bought three looms and learned how to grow organic cotton and silk worms, to spin and dye their own thread and to weave the intricate patterns characteristic of the region. In 2005, the Pa Daeng Village Women's Weaving Group was officially established.

Today, over 50 families are part of the group, each one specializing in what they like to do best - some raise cotton, some tend silk worms, others are spinners and dyers and some weavers.

Being in the weavers coop, which is on site of a beautiful Buddhist temple where the Machee live, is an amazingly peaceful experience. The weavers move to a rhythm all their own, with a gentle purity and subtle grace that captivates and inspires. They deeply enjoy their work as it provides an engaging and sustainable means of existence, both economically and spiritually.

The Pa Daeng Village Women Weavers are supported by Trade Monkey’s partner Warm Heart, through their microenterprise program.