Kids Ark Foundation

Kids Ark Foundation is a registered non-profit organization in Chiang Mai, Thailand with no religious or political affiliations. Kids Ark Foundation is committed to help disadvantaged children whose lives have been affected by poverty and/or HIV/AIDS. Kids Ark work is carried out in northwest Thailand. The foundation has grown over the years and now serves over 500 children.

In addition to the direct education and child support Kids Ark offers, they have a sustainable development program to support families and communities in need. Here's how they describe it:

Kids Ark knows that the children represent our future. We also recognize the critical role that family and community play in the development of each child. Accordingly, Kids Ark is committed to facilitating the development of income-producing opportunities. Working with several women’s cooperatives, Kids Ark assists in the manufacture and sale of high-quality handicrafts. Kids Ark has donated sewing machines to three villages and taught many of the women to sew, thus equipping them with skills and a source of income. One of the cooperatives we are associated with is comprised of HIV/AIDS positive women who work out of Sansai, a suburb of Chiang Mai. Another cooperative is located in the village of Mae Mua Noi. There they produce traditional woven cloth. Many of the women are talented weavers and create products that reflect their tribal heritage. These products are often woven on traditional backstrap looms, where one end of the loom wraps around the weaver’s back and the other is secured to a stationary object. The weavers and sewers often couple their skills to create a final product. The results are simply beautiful!